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Animal Chiropractic Care

We Love Improving the Lives of Our Patients and their Pets!

Equine Chiropractic Care

Despite what most believe, horses are not meant to carry weight on their back. Because of this, they must use their muscles in a generally unnatural way. A horse that is poorly balanced and misaligned can experience back pain, which is often expressed through undesirable behavior. Even some lamenesses can be attributed to spine and joint dysfunctions. The chiropractor will use manual force on certain points on the horse’s body to bring the structures beneath back into normal alignment. Ideally, this will restore the joint to normal function and range of motion. The first consultation and treatment may take an hour or more. Follow-up appointments may be recommended, usually within a week of the initial treatment, and then further apart as any specific problems begin to resolve.
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Canine Chiropractic Care

At your first appointment, our canine chiropractor will do a thorough exam and assessment. They will look at the way your dog moves and stands, as well as its anatomy, and probes for areas of discomfort or asymmetry. If your veterinarian hasn’t already taken X-rays, that may be something we request to have done as well. While most treatments will be completed in just a few visits, some more severe cases may require continuous care to keep your friend healthy for years to come!
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Just like people, many pet owners seek treatment when the damage to the body is already done. But with our animal chiropractic care, we can evaluate your furry friend before they are in pain! In these baseline evaluations we assess your young pet to allow for proper development of its neurologic system and ensure their health for years to come.
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