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Valentine Chiropractor | Valentine chiropractic care | NE | Chronic Conditions

New Directions Chiropractic
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Stephanie DeNaeyer, DC

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Chronic Conditions

Chronic conditions arise when we have been stressed for long periods of time. Stress is explained in several ways. First, gravity is a stress we live with every day. It compresses  our spines and joints creating back, neck, and joint pain. Second, long gone are the days when we were hunters and gatherers and in our haste to outrun the sabre tooth tiger we used up the adrenaline spike that our stress created. Nowadays, those same stresses spike our adrenaline aka cortisol when someone cuts us off in traffic or our boss yells at us for no reason but the energy we used in the past to run now has nowhere to go. After many instances of these stressors, the body becomes stuck in fight or flight mode. We begin to put on weight, certain systems such as digestion begins to become irregular, anxiety occurs, sometimes balance disorders ensue and a multitude of other issues creep in. In today's society we are always in a hurry so we eat quickly and usually poorly. That old saying, "you are what you eat" is absolutely true. If you eat unhealthy meals you will become unhealthy. 

Here at New Directions Chiropractic, we will guide you in your journey to a healthier you. Utilizing blood work, food sensitivity testing, and hair analysis we can see what we need to change your life.

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Valentine Chiropractor | Chronic Conditions. Dr. Stephanie DeNaeyer is a Valentine Chiropractor.